One down, nine more to go

Dear friends and followers,

Here is a short update of the life and times of this project and its creator:

The Scratchboard Comic Project is not dead, it’s only resting. And barely that. Daily, it’s gnawing on my mind. At the moment I have a very special friend visiting me from the other side of the Atlantic and I feel that he desevs my full attention rather than my usual four-hours-of-drawing-daily-minimum policy. I know, it sounds like an excuse, and maybe it is. Now, as always, my life is a series of constant shifting of surroundings, contexts, people, places, jobs, boats, projects. I am, however, working slowly towards some sort of state of consistency. We’ll see how that goes. But I am taking baby steps in that direction, and in the weeks since Matthew arrived to Stockholm I have moved to a more constant home, that furthermore is all I could possibly have wished for and then some, and I intend to stay here for a long time if the Universe doesn’t feel differently.

In a few weeks I return out to sea to join the good ship Gunilla in the Caribbean for another two months. There my motivation to draw will be thoroughly tested and challenged as the alternative to diligent drawing on my time off will be mojitos in Havana and other magic ports in the company of shipmates. When I return, however, things are up in the air as the ship of all ships, the ship of my heart, my first love, the unparallelable Götheborg, have decided not to hire me (damn their eyes). So as I forceably swallow the anchor while my friends sail away bound for China I’ll have all the time in the world to delve into the wondeeful world of scratchboard-comic-drawing.

In the meantime I can report that before distractions abounded I managed to get my shit together and reach the desired 1/10 goal. Since I love you all I will share one whole page with you. Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned, amazing things will follow.


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You may have thought, like I did, that drawing icebergs wouldn’t be that hard. Well it is. You’re lucky if the damned thing looks remotely like an iceberg.


Apart from that insight I feel that this is a good oportunity to say this: Don’t go sailing in the ice. If you go sail in the ice anyway, be prepared that your boat will get stuck in the ice, like every other boat that has ventured in the ice has been. Have a ship like Fram or don’t go sailing in the ice.

Alternatively you can go sailing on the ice. Iceboats were, interestingly, the fastest man-powered vessel for a long time. It is said that in the mid 19th century, iceboat sailors would race the locomotives running alongside the rivers and lakes.

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The Scratchboard Comic Project is moving forward despite distractions such as moving homes, visting an hospitalized grandmother, celebrating holidays and expecting a fantastic monthlong visit from my favourite human being of all times. During said visit I expect to get little done, so the goal is to reach 1/10 until then. That is, 26,6 pages. Keep your fingers crossed…


boatbuilding fuck yeah

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