Chapter FOUR

Hi! This blog has been inactive for a while, but the comic is very much alive. The Internet connection onboard the ship is incapable of uploading photos to it which kind of takes away the main purpose for keeping a blog.

I am now back from another two months at sea, back in Stockholm among torpedo boats, cherry blossoms and sunshine and all is well. I have had a short two day holiday which has mostly been spent onboard, cooking food and getting drunk on borboun and honey together with Evelyn.

Today work is resumed, and the goal is to reach another tenth-milestone, i.e. page 52, before I head back to the ship (in yard this time) in mid June. Six pages were drawn onboard during the past sail. Here are some details from the pages, some of them previously posted on facebook.

Brief moment considering a change of careers

Observing the stars

A schooner sailing along in the Trades

Detail from the port of Bermuda

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