Going back West

Dear people!

We are closing in on page 100. By closing in I mean there is about 7 and a half page left to 100. The next page marks the beginning of chapter 10, which is the last “real” chapter, things are getting exciting! The end of part one is within the horizon!

Other news: some people who are published comic artists have read some of my material and declared it to be good and worthy of being published. Unfortunately none of these people were people who publish comics themselves. But I don’t despair, I’m convinced this comic will get published, sooner or later.

Other news: another stint on the good ship Gunilla is coming up. I leave the day after tomorrow for hanging around a schooner and a boy and friends and snow before heading south some time mid February. Then we’ll sail even further south, then back to the U.S. of A, and then back to Sweden when spring has come around. For several reasons I am particularly excited about this sail! Also, still optimistic from the surprising results drawing-wise from last trip, I am nurturing the frail hope of being able to finish Part One before returning home. I am currently 21 pages away from that goal. Hard work, but not impossible.

Here is a detail from the current page. Anyone who can guess what it is will recieve a copy of the fanzine. Dissapointing disclaimer: not a galaxy.


Current page count: 92 of 113 (part one)

The coveted Part II

Dear people!

Firstly, there are a lot of you nowdays, close to 2100! How crazy and fantastic is that? Thank you so much for sticking around, it means a lot to me, even though I don’t know the vast majority of you personally. The act of working on a project like this can be so solitary, so to know that there are 2100 people out there who care about it is pretty neat.

Yesterday I finished transcribing all of Part 2 into a text file. This took a long time but I was kind of prepared since I remember transcribing Part 1 about a year and a half ago.

Transcribing is taking a page that looks like this:


And turning it into this:


Then you persuade some of your English-speaking friends to read through it and straighten out your butcherd grammer and spelling. In the case of Part 1 I was very lucky to have my friend Cole, who’s a copywrighter and also speaks Swedish, to do some major straightening-up of the script. Part 2, I think, will probably just pass through a few reads from people and some language check.

I did some extensive weeding in Part 2 and ended up cutting 34 pages out of it. It felt so good once I had done it. Kind of like having a pile of papers you’re dreading to go through, but once you’ve done it there’s this huge feeling of relief. I also think it made the script a lot easier to read and take to heart, as well as more accessible to non-boat people (just kidding, I kept almost all of the nerdy shipwrighting-stories).

Also, today the new printings of the fanzine arrive, now with the special feature of correct page order! Wohoo!


Dear People,

Here is a brief update for you.

I’m working pretty long days with the project since I’m leaving the country fairly soon, and I’ve been sick back and forth for the past week, which is an excellent excuse to not go to the gym or see people and just become a drawing zombie. Here is what I did in a zombie-like state yesterday:



Since I understand that people sometimes feel alienated when there are too many pictures of boats around, here is a picture of something else:



Now I’m sure you all can relate to that.

Other things that has been happening with the comic is the following:

The translation of Chapter 6 is complete! I sent it to my contact (kind of a contact) who said it was charmingly “swenglish”. So apparently I master English better than my native tongue, which is intersting, and a bit disconcerting.

The font, named “Skrapy” by my dad, is now so beautifully kerned you wouldn’t believe it. If you are a comic book artist (or just anybody) thinking my handwriting is neat and would want to use my font, I’m happy to share it for good purposes.

The Fanzine is being re-printed since page nr 10 and page nr 11 had been switched in order when the printing studio did the setting. Don’t ask me how that is possible because it is beyond me. I realized it yesteday, and that in combination with a slight fever caused me to lie on the kitchen floor for approximately five minutes and ponder the bigger questions of the Universe to put this in an appropriate pespective. Lesson learned: demand test prints of everything. Be happy (or alarmed) that friends and family are kind enough not to point out the obvious lack of continuity in your story.

Part Two (Yes! There is such a thing!) which has hitherto been more or less ignored is now being transcribed. This takes a ridicuously long time. Today I sat in a computer screen-induced coma for 8 hours, transcribing about 40 pages. Also, let me tell you, this story is fucking depressing at times. Who writes stuff like this? And also, this is like a 40 page stretch without any boats in it. Boats are a big part of my life. I just cannot connect to a story properly without there being any boats in it.

The webpage for A Prairie Home Companion just won’t stream on my iPad! This is of major concern because I need to get hypnotized by Garisson Keillor’s voice to be able to draw properly after a 8h transcribing coma.

And finally, Part One is slowly but surely drawing towards its completion. Not within the very near future, but in the tangible future. I’m hoping to reach Page 100 before going back to Gunilla in mid February, but before that there is a schooner and a boy in Maine that will maybe, sometimes, be prioritised before the comic.


Not that bad, huh?

Current page count: 88 of 113 (part one)


Hey people guess what arrived at the ship today? 200 of these babies!
(Not 200 actual babies, thank God.)


They cost 6 USD or 50 SEK (plus postage) and tomorrow I’ll set up a PayPal account for anyone who is interested in buying one. To clarify: this is a fanzine of Chapter 6 (18 pages of comics) and not the entire comic. You’ll have to wait a few months for that one to emerge.

Other than that, back to drawing and translating, new year etc, live is oh, oh so very sweet, people!

Current page count: 86 of 113 (of part one)