Sailing for Havana

Hi people!

We’re just outside Havana, Cuba, planning on being alongside tomorrow morning. I am so excited for this!

My banjo broke down a few hours ago so I predict even more time spent on drawing in the near future. Worry not, it is just a screw for the 5th string tuning peg that is missing, and all the screws onboard are in metric (duh) and this thing is not. A banjo without a 5th string is like a ship without sails, or something. Not worthwhile.

Here is one of my favourite panels back from page 83, I’m not sure if I have posted it before but I was digging around for good drawings to submit to a small interview a sailing magazine in Sweden is doing with me on the project, and re-discoverd it.


Here is a panel from the current page, that I drew yesterday.


Current page count: 95 of 115 (part one)

Hi people!

Instead of drawing I have been playing polar expidition adventure for the past two and a half weeks.

Now heading south to less interesting but warmer latitudes for a two month stint onboard the fine ship Gunilla. Manic off-watch drawing to follow.


Current page count: 94 of 115 (part one)