Stuck in Progreso

While waiting for a tug.

Hand more messed up than expected, no drawing here for a while yet. While trying to satisfy my creative hunger by drawing with my left hand, I came to wonder this: How much of ones artistic ability lies in the mind, and how much lies in physical motor skills? Give me your inputs, and I will keep you posted while I delve into this question.

Mérida, Mexico

Day off spent reading on the Gran Plaza of Mérida, Mexico. And I went against my plan and prematurely tried drawing with my wreck of a right hand one day too early. Losing my hands have always been something of a nightmare for me, and this week without being able to preform even the simplest tasks such as putting up my hair or haul a line has made me appreciate my hands oh so much more. Some highlights, though: I made a whipping on a brace we replaced solely with my left hand, and I’m now able to use a computer mouse left handed surprisingly sufficiently.


This isn’t much of anything (a swallow’s wing), but I am taking so, so much delight in seeing my right hand drawing tiny paralell lines in black ink again. Tomorrow’s excitement: I get to draw for 30 minutes! Stand by for slow motion progress of the comic!

Enjoy the beauty of the details of life, people.

Some setbacks (again!)

This here is the reason why nothing of any interest whatsoever is being done at the moment:


Yes, I did try left hand scratching. Not working. At all.

Level of frustration: high.

I am editing the script, though, and am getting pretty good at using the computer mouse left handed. While trying my best to ignore painting worst-case-scenarios of chronic inflammations in the tendons, I am reading all I can find about wood engraving. I CAN NOT WAIT to be drawing and engraving and playing banjo and hauling lines again! People: be nice to your hands. They’re the best instruments you’ll ever have.

Punta Gorda, Belize

I have the day off, finaly made it ashore where I’ll be spending the night at a small secret hostel. Quite pleased with this.

The past period has been slightly turbulent, and drawing has been intense. Intense enough to wake to life the old stress-related pain in my right hand that I contracted from scratching throughout the past year and a half. It’s been dormant for months, and I guess I had it coming, pulling insane 10 h drawing days. I hold the pen in the stupidest of ways, always have, and I don’t think that helps my case. So now I have tried to rig the main scratching tool with tape to make it wider and therefore eliminate some of the monotony of the task of scratching. I’m also trying to hold it the way “normal people” do, which is beyond me how anyone can produce something worthwhile holding their pen like that. I’m drawing in slow motion now, and also the heat is doing weird things to the chalk layer of the scratchboard. Oh woe is me.

Poor silly looking scratching tool

Anyways, luckily I hauled my antique laptop along to sea this time, so I can do editing while my hand heals up! Yesterday eight hours of anchor watch were spent editing and listening to scientific podcasts. I’m re-writing all text with the computer as well as doing a translated Swedish version of each page. I really, really want part one finished as fast as is humanly possible without messing up my body in the process.

I came across this panel from page 3 and marvelled at how different my style is today. I might have to re-draw a whole lot when I get back home.


Current page count: ONE GODDAMN HUNDERED of 115 (part one)

I’m in a drawing flow, which means many hours drawing a day, between working and being on watch. SAIL EAT DRAW SLEEP REPEAT kind of. Sometimes there’s a banjo in that equation as well.

Today is my day off but the tender boat is fucked so I can’t go ashore. Will reach page 100 today, if it so keeps me up all night.

Here’s a question for ya:
During these approximate 2000 hours I’ve spent on this project thus far I’ve evolved some in my drawing. I think most of these panels I would’ve been able to draw before starting, my level was pretty high then as well, and I don’t thing my level has risen as much as there are other changes that are apparent. They include speed, fluency and ease with the scratchboard medium, more ‘vivid’ and less stiff figure drawing. I’m getting good at propotions, I almost never look at myself or others or take photos but draw everything from head. I’m still horrible at drawing feet, but I’m guessing that will come to me some day, too.

However, one pretty major frontier remains unconqured. That is drawing the second main character, the one that is not myself. Here is the latest panel I made, where the subtle yet very noticeable difference in fluency/ease between the two characters is apparent. Are any of you artistic souls (or anyone) out there able to offer sone advice on this? What looks off? Is it the beard, the lips, the hair, the eyes? All inputs welcome!


Sailing for Belize

Back at sea! Havana was cool but I was ready to leave. We had some crazy sail manouvering earlier today when we spotted two guys adrift in a fishing boat with a broken engine. All turned out well; they were picked up and towed back by the coast guard.

I’m drawing along as usual. Today I made this panel, hopefully nobody will think too long and hard about the at the very least dubious human propotions and perspectives… not my finest work


Current page count: 96 of 115 (part one)