More editing…

Dear people!

I’m spending my last days at home Editing  before returning to work on the ship. This tiresome, time-consuming part of editing that demands me sitting in front of a computer. Oh, computers. They kill my back despite my best efforts to re-enact an ergonomically correct workspace (and failing miserably at doing so). 

This is what work looks like:


Anyhows. My friend Dennis came by today and kept me company and supplied me with some new music, The Kossoy Sisters, damn amazing. Thank you Dennis. 


Things are happening now that I finally finished the last panel! God, that went on forever, but yes, here we are. Yesterday I ravaged through all the originals and sorted them all, to my delight they were all there, safely stored in a big pile in what used to be my bedroom at my parent’s place that is now my mom’s office. She is kind enough to support me in my paranoid ways and let me store the material there; I’m too protective to want to have them onboard a boat. I sorted out about 15 pages that were on my ongoing fix-this-list, that included paragraphs such as “make me not look fucking stupid in this panel” etc. It is neat, because my skill at drawing people, faces and hands in particular, has noticeably improved since the start of this project. In the beginning it was kind of hit or miss with faces, some turned out well, some not very much so. But I’m good enough now to be able to look at them and see what is wrong and then be able to fix it.

Here is an example:

Also doing this, less fun, editong of text in the (very) early pages where I had yet to discover the huge benefits of writing on paper instead of directly on the scratchboard:


Part one, part one

I did it, finished part one, finally.

Here is a silly interview I did with myself for this occasion:


Stockholm today is cold and rainy and I wish I could be more excited about this, but it passed me like something insignificant, probably because it’s been dragged out for so long and because I just turned around and started editing earlier pages after it was done. I feel the comic itself deserves more from me. I’m hoping to be able to print some versions in English before I join the ship again in two weeks.

Take care, stay loving

Last panel of Part One!

Dear digital outside world!

I have barricaded myself on the torpedo boat to finish part one, while ignoring my hand injury (yes I KNOW. But really, I have this under control. Kind of.) and working hard at cranking out this last page. A lot of prestige in it, I can’t settle for good enough here…


Here is the beginning of the center piece, a panoramic view in which it becomes painfully obvious that I must have slept through perspective drawing class in art school. Or to be more fair to myself, I actually know rudimentary perspective drawing pretty well, but I always knowingly mess around with it. It looks too extreme to me, the center-perespective, so I always make two center points instead. 

(Also, check out those twin panels in the lower section! I’d love to post more details, but I don’t want to spoil the last page by publishing it all… But, yeah, twin panels are fun. I draw them simultaneously, detail for detail. Like, here’s a tree with the branch going like this, here is the same tree again in the next panel.)



Stand by for a late-night update when I finish my comic with nobody else to celebrate with than anonymus blog readers!