Back in civilization

Yesterday around midnight we arrived in the fair city of Göteborg with the ship. It’s pouring rain and cold as shit here, albeit it supposedly being the high of summer, but I couldn’t be happier to be back. 

I finished printing the first ever, ever copy of Of Love and Tall Ships while in dry dock, here is the result:

My plan for my time here in Göteborg (apart from working like crazy and drinking too much beer) is to get it properly printed in maybe 50 copies. I plan on selling it, so if you’re intested in a copy in English, let me know! This will most likely be the only way to get ahold of one since I don’t have a publisher for the English version yet.

Dry dock

We took the ship to a temporary land home:

And while I pull 66 h work weeks re-caulking the maindeck, evenings are spent in the nav station practicing my zen while trying to print the comic on the slowest, slowest computes known to mankind. As I write this I’ve been struggling with one (1) page for over an hour. A more tech-savvy individual could probably advise me on what to do to the computer that is more constructive than the abusive acts I conjure up on my head, but alas, it’s a ship’s computer and not my own, so not much I can do but hope for it to change its mind. It will print a few pages, then just plainly die on me. Ah well, oh well. If the universe is willing maybe I’ll have the first copy of my comic in a few days if the computer doesn’t decide to completely die on me before that.

Look at this magnificent mix of comic drawing and tall ship sailing life, though! The essence of my life!