Dear people!

Work continues, simultaneously reworking the translation, drawing the cover, desperately trying to come up with a Swedish title, re-drawing some panels (only two), writing a “writer’s portrait” (so surreal!) and also working on Part Two. Not sure what I can add to this. A few weeks ago the publishees sent a photographer to take my portrait, that was pretty surreal, too. Needless to say, all of this is great fun and very enjoyable.

I hope to be able to present y’all with a smashing Swedish title wich most of you won’t understand before too long, at least before my deadline…

Some drawings from Part Two!


Current page count: 7 of 120 

Page one

Yes yes! Things are happening!

I’m rewriting the translation. This because the first translation, where I wrote the translation next to the original text, partly to make it easier and partly to try to keep a similar length of the text, as not to make my life all too miserable when re-texting the actual panels.


Unfortunately this ended up in a pretty stiff text, very “swenglish” in its tone and without a natural flow. So I figured the text would need to be washed anothe time to get rid of the English traces (who would have guessed that translating something from a second language to your native tongue would be so difficult?) so I erased the English text and just re-wrote the Swedish part. I guess I will have to sacrifice some of the visual layout in favour of a better text.


Then, my helpful and overall fantastic publisher reads the text again, and comes with inputs, washing it some more of Swenglish traces:


I just want to make clear just how amazing it is to have a publisher who helps me with these things. The feeling of not being so damn isolated in this project, is such a relief. 

 Other than this I’m working as much as I can on Part Two, this being the limiting factor:

Look, blue tape! And they abandoned acupuncture needles for a laser! Will it work??! Who knows.

Anyways, some artwork as not to bore you to death here:


A backyard in Brooklyn, New York. 

Also, if you want to buy your very own copy of the very exclusive first printing of Of Love And Tall Ships, give me a holler at! Only a few copies left now…

The beginning of Part II

I’m having something of a hard time getting into the flow of drawing again. Partly it’s because my hand is still fucked, and partly because finishing Part I felt like such an accomplishment, and the subsequent editing- and printing work removed me from the drawing part mentally. How will I pull this one off with a mostly non-functioning right hand? 

Also, mentally, going from page 115 to page 1 kind of feels like a downgrade. But reading the script I feel optimistic, I feel like it has a quality to it, and I like how it completes Part I.

Part I is a motion outwards, a build-up, a construction, and Part II is a conclusion. It is the movement of a wave, where the first half of the story develops something, and the second half is bringing it back home, back to the beginning. But unlike a circular story it lands somewhere else, in a way where it began, but fundamentally different. I like the feeling of wavelike stories, going out, going in. Going in, going out.

Page one!

Current page count: 1 of 120 

From one job to another

It is one of the few summey days of this summer and I have just gotten back to the torpedo boat mothership, hauling bags and banjos and the last remaining box of comic books. These six weeks have been great, I love the boat kids, I love Göteborg and the people there, but towards the end the 7 days a week of work, 7 am to 5 pm, started to wear on me slightly. 

Here is some of what I have been up to:


Routing and re-caulking all the deck seams on maindeck. We did 900 meters of seam in two weeks.  

I have “rested” the hand by not drawing, but unfortunately it seems to be more or less the same as always. While I had little to no time or energy to update this blog, quite a lot of work has been done on the comic. Check this out:

I finally got it printed! The response has been great among friends and others to buy copies, so now I have sold around half of them. The feeling of finally having something concrete to present to the world outside my head is pretty amazing. Halfway there, what a thing. Now only two more years and a lot of left-handed training and this project will be complreted!

Much love!