The beginning of Part II

I’m having something of a hard time getting into the flow of drawing again. Partly it’s because my hand is still fucked, and partly because finishing Part I felt like such an accomplishment, and the subsequent editing- and printing work removed me from the drawing part mentally. How will I pull this one off with a mostly non-functioning right hand? 

Also, mentally, going from page 115 to page 1 kind of feels like a downgrade. But reading the script I feel optimistic, I feel like it has a quality to it, and I like how it completes Part I.

Part I is a motion outwards, a build-up, a construction, and Part II is a conclusion. It is the movement of a wave, where the first half of the story develops something, and the second half is bringing it back home, back to the beginning. But unlike a circular story it lands somewhere else, in a way where it began, but fundamentally different. I like the feeling of wavelike stories, going out, going in. Going in, going out.

Page one!

Current page count: 1 of 120 

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