Shipping out



Sorry about the lack of activity here lately. The WordPress app has decided not to allow me to insert images which sort of defeats the purpose of this blog. Not a great excuse, but one nontheless.

Tomorrow I go back to the ship for a six week stint, circumnavigating the Iberic peninsula (if “circumnavigaion” is a word allowed together with the word “peninsula”). I’ve been working somewhat manicly on drawing Part Two, which has been going well, and I also got another comic gig drawing two-page comics about explorerers for this Swedish boating magazine. This claimed some days worth of work, and then yesterday news came from the publisher, wanting me to consider publishing both parts of the story as one instead of separately. After having pondered and agonized over this a bit (this means I won’t get to publish my book in spring as I have planned on for almost a year) I decided to accept this proposition, as the alternative would be a great bit of changing of Part Two plus waiting until 2018 to publish it. Also, keeping the story as one will be good in the end I think.


Here is a preliminary cover I made a while back. Whoever spots the crucial part of the running rigging I have missed will get a postcard and a hug. (Woody you can’t answer this but you can have a postcard and a hug anyway).