I have spent the past week expanding Part One with two new pages for Chapter 7 and simultaneously continuing the drawing of Part Two. The two new pages have been great fun, as they contained some good text and good motifs. They were part of the original script together with another page, but they were all cut out at an early stage as they were deemed excessive. I always liked them, however, and I’m excited to have them be part of the finished product!

Here is art of them, two panels, of which I drew the last one today while riding S/S Blidösund, a 105 year old steamship, and PRETTIEST OF THEM ALL. It was delightful.

Also, remember how I was going on about wanting firewood for Christmas? Well, look at what awaited me as I returned home to the ship:

Sometimes I get all down because I think of how I can’t seem to ever find (or keep) a lover of sorts, and that there is no love in my life and never will be, and then all of a sudden I’m reminded that my life is pretty much marinated in love in different forms. Like Sören and Helena, my former mate from several years ago and his wife, who opened up their homes and let me stay there for months a few years back when I was a homeless sailor bum just returning to Sweden. They are also the ones who gave me the firewood above. I swear, people like them restore my faith in humanity. And I also want to say that there is no gurantee that you’ll ever find a lover with whom everything works out, but that’s okay, because being alone doesn’t make you a lesser human being, and there is love and beauty available for you anyway. End of existesial advice.

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